Iker Sánchez

Game/Web Dev

Currently Employed at Activision Blizzard Logo
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“What can't you do? My answer is always the same: What I have not yet set out to learn.” - Lytos


Iker is a highly skilled technology expert with extensive knowledge in a wide range of programming languages, tools, and technologies. He is passionate about creating mobile applications, websites, and video games using his skills in frontend and backend development. He has experience working with methodologies such as TDD and Agile, and he is fluent in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Catalan, and Euskera.

Iker's love for technology started years ago when he began exploring video games and taught himself how they worked. Since then, he has developed a comprehensive skill set that enables him to create impressive projects with ease. With his expertise, he can conquer any challenge thrown his way, and he is always willing to share his knowledge with others who are curious about technology.

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Currently employed full-time at Kairós DS. With 3+ years of experience in the gaming development and 1+ years of experiencie in web development.
He also manages a successful YouTube channel where he shares his knowledge with his followers.   



- While I may not have experience leading teams in a professional setting, I possess several key skills that make me a strong candidate for a leadership role.
- I have a natural ability to communicate effectively with others and understand their perspectives, which helps me to build strong relationships and foster a sense of trust and respect among team members.

Game Programming

— Experienced with C#, PawnScript and Unity.
— Although I haven't had the opportunity to work professionally with Unity, I have been using it for quite some time now and I have developed a strong mastery of it.

Web Programming

— Experienced with Html, Css, Javascript, Python, Sql, Angular, Vue, Flask, TypeScript, Php, Ionic, Capacitor, Nuxt...
— Skilled in developing responsive and user-friendly websites using various web technologies and frameworks.


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